Friday, September 9, 2011

Size to Season Chart

 Today I have decided to help others with a simple practical chart. Everyone hates receiving a beautiful baby gift in the wrong size for the season. You know what I mean? Being due in October and receiving a cute Halloween costume in 6-9 months? Getting a snow suit when you are due in August? Or seeing cute things on clearance and not buying it as a gift because your not sure what size the baby will be in that season? Alright, maybe it is just me.. But I know that I always think about size and season. Before I go baby shopping I fumble through my car, find a napkin.. and a pen.. or crayon.. or sharpie, hell even eye liner will do! And I make a size to season chart!

Well, I have decided to make these charts and share them with others! I hope it helps people!

The only thing I ask is that you credit me for them.. & please do not alter the images. They are copyrighted, but can be used as long as I am credited and they are unaltered. I literally made these 6 times because I forgot holidays or spelled something wrong.. But finally VICTORY!

(By credited, I mean please don't remove my watermark!)

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