Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Greatest Insult To Women: Feminists

   I thought I would start my first blog post off with something I feel quite strongly about. Women's Rights. A woman deserves a voice, the right to learn, and the right to excel as a woman. In America the battle has been won. For the most part we have equal opportunity, little discrimination, and the same rights that a man has.

 When I was taught about feminism I was told that feminists fought for the rights of women. My first thought, even as a child, was what rights do we not already have? I had already been thought that every American has the right to vote, freedom of speech, to be treated at a hospital, and has the right to an education. My teacher then began the lesson. We learned about the discrimination against women, we learned about how feminists fought for the rights of women.. And for that I am forever thankful. But in this day and age I wonder what feminists have cost us?

 Well, for one they cost us chivalry. Men don't stand when women walk into a room, they don't hold doors, or pull out our chairs, and they no longer watch what they say in the presence of a woman. Now that women are "equal" why would they deserve any extra attention or respect? Feminists are interpreting chivalry as disrespecting women. They have said that chivalry implies that women are weak and less intelligent. I find nothing wrong with chivalry, but I do think it is wront that feminists have bullied men into thinking that showing good manners and respect to women is "sexist."

  Feminists fought for women's rights to make the world a better place for women. But I believe that in some cases women empowerment has made men lazy. Not too long ago men had to work to "be" with a woman. They had to invest time, money, and emotions into being with that woman. But according to most feminists  that is just unacceptable. Its now normal to have fly by sex with any consenting partner. And with chivalry being dead and all and women being in "control of their sexuality" what work is to be done in the first place? I guess putting ourselves at risk for unplanned pregnancy and probably an std or two is empowerment?

There was once a time in America that it was normal and socially acceptable to want to be a wife. I really wish I lived in that time. A time where it was wonderful to want to stay at home and raise your children, when it wasn't a jaw dropping idea for the man to work outside of the home and at the end of the day come home  to his wife and children.

 If you think that feminism hasnt robbed women of anything then I guess you havent looked closely enough at the lives of women today.  In Beyonce's recent song she says "We're smart enough to make our millions, strong enough to bear your children, then get back to bidness" and talk like that is exactly the problem. We are expected to make the money, bare the children, pawn them off to strangers, and get back to work.    

  Now-a-days women work just as much as men, but by nature still have the same desires as women long before the feminists came along. Socially we are expected to work a normal 9-5 like every other human out there. But on top of that we are still expected to reproduce and replace ourselves with 2.3 well behaved, smart, and functional children. Feminists have completely torn apart and degraded motherhood. I mean, why else would the be so pro-abortion? It surely isnt because motherhood is of some value.

 With no consequences for sex and no value to motherhood why would marriage even be a concern for women now a days? In this day and age we are so self absorbed that we could care less about what is good for the future and what is good for our children. Everything done now is about self gratification. Be it a feel good moment with a random stranger, or an abortion so that we can keep having those encounters, or working a demanding job while blowing off your partner, almost everything done is done for a selfish reason. The idea of being selfless now is absolutely ridiculous to some, yet the wonder why their relationships fail? Until women get their heads out of the clouds and start focusing on better goals the future of our children seems pretty sad.

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